Ask a CLEO Connector

Community workers: do you help people with legal problems? Our CLEO Connector service can help!

Unfortunately, CLEO Connector can`t help you with legal advice or legal information on a specific topic.

If you need immediate legal information for yourself or for a client, try CLEO’s Steps to Justice website or CLEO’s resources and publications webpage.

CLEO Connector is a phone or email hotline that can:

  • Help you plan a legal information project by:
    • finding partners to work with you
    • finding lawyers or legal workers experienced in your topic, who work in your community
    • connecting you with examples, tools, and promising practices from recent projects
    • connecting you with potential funding to complete your project
    • finding research and evaluations of similar projects to help you plan
    • answer other questions you may have about CLEO resources and services
  • Find training and guides from CLEO
  • Find training from other organizations

You can email a CLEO Connector or call 416-408-4420 x 828 to leave a brief voicemail message.

Please outline your question and include your email address, a phone number and good times to reach you, and whether you prefer a phone call or email response. You will receive an initial response by the end of the next business day.