What people are finding on our site

We’ve had almost eight thousand visits to the CLEO Connect site in the month since it launched on June 10, 2019. We’re thrilled that 177 new users signed up for our updates in the first month.

The website visits show that Your Legal Rights (YLR), CLEO’s collection of legal information resources produced by hundreds of organizations across Ontario, has a loyal following. More than half the visits in our first month were related to CLEO Connect's YLR resource pages. Housing resources on CLEO Connect's YLR database proved especially popular.

But there’s more than resources on the CLEO Connect site. You can:

Whether you’re a YLR newbie or a long time user, email us to tell us what you like and don’t like about the new site. Anything that you expected that you couldn’t find?

Each month we’ll recap here:

  • New resources and content we’ve added to the site
  • What people are finding on the site
  • You’ll get an email reminder when we post if you are signed up for updates.