CLEO Connect – focus on community workers

On June 10, 2019 we celebrated the launch of our new CLEO Connect website – Training and Tools for Community Workers. Since January, with the support of the Law Foundation of Ontario, CLEO staff have worked diligently to design a new, comprehensive platform to help support the legal information needs of Ontario’s front line community workers like you.

This is an image of 7 people talking with one another at the CLEO Connect launch that took place on June 10, 2019
Community partners and CLEO staff at CLEO Connect launch event - June 10, 2019

Visit the site to sign up for updates on new resources, project and training opportunities and to register for learning exchange calls, webinars and more.

CLEO has long been the champion of innovative projects to train community workers. This type of public legal education recognizes that a front line worker is the first responder to clients’ legal problems, many of which can be life altering. People are most likely to turn to those they know and trust. CLEO Connect equips community workers with basic legal knowledge and resources, together in one place so it is easy to find and use.

But CLEO Connect is more than a website – it’s also a core group of staff whose role and purpose is to provide tools and resources to community workers. These staff partner with the community to deliver projects, offer training, conduct research, and deliver new resources that are profiled on the website. They also support a community of interested workers who come together by conference call or in person to share resources and provide new ideas for tools and projects.

The new CLEO Connect services can help you to:

  • help people detect legal problems
  • get training to learn more about the law
  • find reliable legal information
  • learn the difference between legal information and legal advice
  • refer people to places that can help them deal with the problem

CLEO Connect also contains a refreshed version of Your Legal Rights, a collection of legal information resources and webinars produced by hundred of organizations across Ontario.

At the launch we were joined by our community partners from the Hispanic Development Council, the Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation, the York Region Housing Mediation Services, Peel Multicultural Centre, and the Ontario Justice Education Network. We’d like to thank our principal funder, The Law Foundation of Ontario. And Jamie Dube, one of the early testers of the new site, was the lucky winner of our draw for a $50 VISA gift card.

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