Month: September 2023

New legal information from across Ontario

View this month’s e-blast on housing rules, digital safety, sexting, and elder abuse.

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Do you support racialized clients?

CLEO Connect is reaching out to community workers who support racialized clients facing legal issues.

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Understanding protection orders

There are 2 main types of protection orders people can use when they’re afraid someone is a threat to them or their children. This month’s On the Radar looks at these protection orders.

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Cessation d’emploi et les prestations de l’assurance-emploi en Ontario – Rejoignez-nous le 21 septembre à 10h30

Dans ce séminaire, vous en apprendrez davantage sur les implications juridiques qui découlent d’une cessation d’emploi.

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How to support clients who are making a Humanitarian and Compassionate (H&C) application

This webinar will outline important details about the H&C process – who can apply and what supporting evidence community workers can help clients gather.

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