Year: 2021

Paths to Justice Tipsheet: Scams

Created by CALC, this tipsheet explores tips on what to do if someone you know has been scammed and where to get help. 

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Identifying Financial Abuse by a PoA Tipsheet

Created by CALC, this tipsheet outlines what to do if someone you know is experiencing financial abuse by their Power of Attorney.

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The Law and Parenting Arrangements after Separation

This 83 page toolkit from Luke’s Place contains legal information, checklists and tip sheets to help women leaving abusive relationships.

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Recent changes to Ontario’s rules for “no-fault” evictions”

This month, we look at 2 new rules that relate to what are called “no-fault” evictions, for example, when a landlord wants to move in.

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Claiming the Right to Housing

CERA offers summaries to a five-part workshop series on the Right to Housing.

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